Pematech AG ∙ D-78315 Radolfzell






Example: Laser labeling, top and bottom

  • Network / SAP interface / traceability via Pematech data exchanger
  • Automatic setup for programs, parameters and width of conveyor belt with final setup check
  • Stacking station -> feed of circuit boards in stack without components
  • Corner mark recognition with subsequent position correction (X/Y linear table)
  • Single circuit boards are identified as NOK parts
  • 2 integrated laser sources, here CO2 laser
  • Microscopically small and fine marking, here DMC 16x16 with dia. 1.6 mm
  • Top and/or bottom in shortest time, in uncompromising quality 
  • incl. counter reading
  • Stacking station for labeled circuit board panels

* other features (not published here, contact us)